The best beaches to visit in Formentera

Formentera is my favourite of all the Balearic Islands, mainly for it’s unbelievable sea and sand. But which beaches are the best to visit?


Where is Formentera and how do I get there?

Quite often, in England anyway, people think there are only three Balearic Islands – Ibiza, Mallorca and Minorca. For some reason, Formentera is always forgotten or not known about to begin with. BUT WHY? I imagine because it’s not as easy to access from England, there is no airport and only a few boats a day from mainland Spain or Ibiza. You can travel from Valencia or Barcelona to Ibiza and get a ferry from there (I usually use trasmapi), or travel from Denia direct to Formentera. For the little extra journey you find a more secluded, less touristy paradise island.

Map - the best beaches in Formentera
My Favourite beaches in Formentera!

Why are the beaches in Formentera so good?

Shaped like a shoe, Formentera is just south of Ibiza. It has the same stunningly rugged, pine covered cliffs you associate with the Mediterranean, as well as white sand beaches that run into crystal clear turquoise water. One of the things that makes it so special though, is its shape. On a particularly windy or stormy day (like two of the days this year – 🙁 ) it’s easy enough to find a protected beach. Or at least one with fewer waves and less seaweed. Actually, if you climb, or scoot or drive up the hill to the lighthouse Far de la Mola in the East, you can perfectly see this from the spectacular view over the island. One side is sometimes raging with dark seas and the other perfectly tranquil.

I’ve been to a few stunning beaches around the world, but trust me – you’ll be hard pressed to find clearer water and brighter sand.

The best beaches in Formentera.

By far the best way to get around the island is by scooter. A lot of the beaches lie at the ends of rocky, pine lined tracks that aren’t that accessible by walking. Biking is another (sweatier) option, as is going by car.  You can rent scooters from all the major villages on the island.

In my honest opinion ranking the beaches on Formentera is too difficult. I tried and I can’t. So the following are all my favourites but for different reasons.

Es Pujols Beach

I know I said I wasn’t going to rank them – but there is a reason Es Pujols is first. It’s the first beach I went to in Formentera and was the first time I saw the incredible colour of the sea. I’d thought before going, that the water had been photoshopped in the pictures. No way could water in Europe be that clear and that bright blue. But it is. Really. This sandy beach is perfect for relaxing and swimming, with some of the clearest water on the island. The beach itself is pretty narrow (so get there early if you can) and there are a few restaurants nearby if you get a bit peckish. It’s also the perfect place to see the traditional boats and boat huts. If you have time, walk all the way along the wooden walkway to Racó des Pujols. It’s beautiful to watch the boats going in and out of the water and is generally pretty protected from waves.

Best beaches to visit in Formentera - Es Pujols
The traditional boats of Formentera near Es Pujols

Ses Illetes

If you put in a quick search for Formentera, the majority of the pictures will be of this spectacular beach. And with good reason. From the photos you might mistake it for The Caribbean, and to be honest it isn’t far away. Located to the north of the island, its a long beach made up of sand dunes in the middle. From the top of them you can perfectly see Ibiza. The stunning pale turquoise sea splashes against the immaculate white sand as far as the eye can see. Because it’s so beautiful, its pretty popular but if you’re willing to walk a bit further along the beach away from the carpark, you’ll always find a beautiful spot away from everyone else. The other benefit of Ses Illetes is that there are two sides to the beach, so there’s generally always a way to avoid bigger waves/ seaweed/ jellyfish.

Best beaches to visit in Formentera - Ses Illetes
The beautiful beaches of Ses Illetes

Migjorn Beach

This is actually the longest beach on Formentera, which means you’re always likely to find a spot to sunbathe or go for a swim. It’s on the south of the island, so the opposite side to Es Pujols. Playa es Arenals is probably the best known beach at Migjorn, but it’s my least favourite. It’s full of families (which clearly isn’t a terrible thing) but isn’t the idyllic beach vibe I’ve come to love on Formentera. If you’re driving down the main road that runs parallel to Migjorn, take the turning that advertises Beach Club 10.7. I know I wasn’t going to say it, but I think this might be my favourite beach. For some reason unknown to us, it was completely empty. Stunning water, stunning sand and no one else.

All the way along Migjorn you can find beautiful little coves. Take any of the rocky paths and you’re bound to find something spectacular. Bumping along on your scooter, you get tiny glimpses through the gates of some of the most beautiful blue shuttered villas.

Best beaches to visit in Formentera - Migjorn
The crystal clear water of Migjorn

Llevant Beach

This actually means windy beach – but don’t be put off by that. I guess it has a reputation for being a bit breezier, but I never found that to be the case. Because of it’s reputation, it’s a lot less busy than neighbouring Ses Illetes. We always went pretty early in the morning and were quite often the only ones there for a while. On a particularly windy day, I guess beyond the rocks it may be a bit more wavy, but the swimming area is well sheltered. This is definitely one of the best beaches to visit in Formentera.

White sand and blue sea of Llevant beach
Alone on Llevant beach!

Cala Saona Beach

This beach is one of the biggest coves on the island, making it a great beach to go to to secure you have space. It’s also one of the most beautiful on Formentera. Surrounded by trees and hills, it has some stunning scenery – which makes it the ideal spot for watching the sunset. You can walk up to the top of the cliff but, to be honest, it’s pretty perfect from the beach. Getting there is also really beautiful. It’s on the west of the island, so not somewhere we often went. It’s surrounded by beautiful fields and allotments. Keep an eye out for pop up agrofarms around the island to buy fresh veg.

I’m almost tired of writing it, but the sand is incredible and the water crystal clear. It’s a bit of a hot spot in summer because it’s a bit bigger, so try to get there early to get a towel spot.

The best sunset in Formentera - Cala Saona
The beautiful sunsets of Cala Saona


These are only a few of the amazing beaches on this incredible island. To be quite honest you can’t really go wrong when it comes to beaches in Formentera – it’s kind of its thing. Any of the tracks lead to the immaculate water and either a stunning rocky terrain or perfect beaches. It’s definitely earned its name as the Mediterranean’s best kept secret. So read this blog, go, but don’t tell anyone!

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