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Welcome to the Travelling Pot!

You’ve clicked on the ‘New Here’ button, which means you’re wanting to find out more about my blog! Well, in a nuez shell, The Travelling Pot is a travel and food blog about Spain, showing you authentic places to go and dishing up traditional Spanish recipes. Not about travelling and getting high. Sound good (albeit slightly less fun)? Keep reading.

About the blog:


I guess if you’re here, you must love Spain and authentic Spanish food almost as much as I do. And I guess, you want to explore some different, lesser-known areas of Spain and try some traditional food too!

As an English woman, I’m not claiming to know everything about Spain or its food. I do, however, have a Spanish boyfriend as my guide and his Abuela’s recipe book to cook from. The Travelling Pot is a mix of off the beaten track travel destinations in Spain to get you away from the touristy beaches, authentic recipes to get you away from patatas bravas (although they’re still a favourite) and musings from my English brain about Spanish culture (like why I will never again be ordering a café con leche after dinner)!

Interested? Head over to the blog to get travelling and tasting your way around Spain!

The Travelling Pot. Bougainvillea Tree