About me

Hi, I'm Charlotte Geary

Geary by name guiri by nature. (In case most Spaniards don’t laugh at your surname too, a guiri is a foreigner) and yes, I am a foreigner. Born in the North East of England and currently living in Berlin.

About the Travelling Pot

You did read that correctly. Berlin. So why am I writing a blog about authentic Spain and Spanish food rather than bratwurst? Well, mainly because there’s quite a lack of fanta limón and bougainvillea in Germany. And because I have a Spanish boyfriend who has shown me some amazing places in Spain as well as what incredible Spanish food is.

Before we started travelling to Spain, I thought I had a pretty good idea of Spanish food and culture. After all, I had a B in Spanish A level and every year for 10 years I went to La Tasca restaurant in Newcastle for my birthday. I was alright with putting chorizo in a paella and thought orange sorbet that came in half a frozen orange was the epitome of Spanish cuisine.

Fast forward a few years and, having studied German at university with a brief stint traveling around India, I moved to Berlin to start working as an English teacher. On the very first night I met my now novio, who was waiting for me with a tortilla de patata. Through him, our friends and family, I started exploring places in Spain. Places I would otherwise never have gone to and food I would never have tried. Which is why I started this blog – so I can share that with you too!

Last year I stopped working as an English teacher and started writing for a living (charlotteluise.com). To read more about the actual blog, and less about me, click on the link below! Feel free to contact me for any questions, recommendations or Spanish insights you might have.

About Me - Charlotte Geary